Although not a Christmas song, Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant Us Peace) seems very appropriate this Christmas. The Men’s Shanty Group (MSG) have made a special lockdown virtual choir recording of this ancient liturgical tune the original composer of which is unknown. While it may sound like a relatively simply melody, it requires a good vocal range and jumps octaves in places which makes it hard to learn and sing in your living room. We started to use it as a warm up song just before lockdown started and the guys love it even though it can be a struggle! If you want to know more about it’s origin then try this link.

Our version is sung completely ‘a cappella’ by Tex, Dave, Ray, Gordon, Paul, Mino & Bob in Latin as a round in three parts. This recording has allowed us and you to hear all the lovely harmonies and cascades that we can’t hear on our Zoom rehearsals. We learnt the tune on zoom and each individually recorded one or more parts which were then mixed to make the final recording.

A big thank you to everyone who bought copies of this and Gaudete and sent us a few quid. Every penny was gratefully received as were the comments on social media and because of your support, we were able to raise £304 for our good causes.