Annual Charity Nominations

Every year, choir members submit their charity nominations for good causes  that are close to their hearts. Collectively, the choir chooses two that will be supported both financially through our fund raising and where possible through performances for the charities and helping with their fund raising activities.

One of the charity nominations could receive a big cheque at Christmas!
Age UK receive their donation

The charities listed below are the nominations for this year and are in the order received by the committee. To see the currently supported  charities, click here. You will also find details of all the charities we have supported over the years.

We leave all the nominations on our website for a year to help promote the good work that these causes do in our community, raise awareness, and as a reminders for our members who may need their help in the future.

nominated charities for 2019/20
The Blanning Day CentreThis small charity which is part of Solihull's Family Care Trust promotes independence, choice and wellbeing. Day care provides social contact and gives carers and relatives much needed respite opportunities. Having previously worked in the dementia day centre, I have seen first hand the brilliant activities the clients get involved with day to day, and the caring and friendly nature of the staff.
RESTORERestore helps vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers, often those who have gone through horrific events in their countries of origin. Restore offers, through befrienders and men's and women's groups, friendship and the chance to improve spoken English. Each summer we run a Family Fun Day held at the Columban Fathers centre on Widney Manor Road. Volunteers provide the food but Restore has to fund the hire of transport, musicians, bouncy castle etc.
The Macular Society (Solihull)My mum was diagnosed with AMD 15 years ago and is now registered blind. Over the years I and the rest of the family have been able to get practical help and support for mum through the society. For example, mum had a home visit from a volunteer to help her try to read with her peripheral vision, we have been able to find out about other organisations who may provide help through the society and have attended local support meetings with mum to meet with people in similar situations, to share experiences and helpful ideas.
Alzheimers SocietyThe Alzheimers Society provides information and practical and emotional support to help people live well with dementia.Locally they run Dementia cafes in Knowle and Shirley and Singing for the Brain sessions in Solihull.
Solihull SOLOSoLO provides over 1000 children & adults with learning disabilities with a quality leisure service, helping them increase their independence and self-esteem in a safe and secure environment enabling them to be stretched and challenged. They also help provide employment, supported volunteering and meaningful day time activities for people with learning disability.
Meriden Adventure Playground AssociationMAPA offer an open access staffed outdoor adventure playground providing an after school/playscheme service to local 0-17 year olds and their families, The playground aims to compensate for the lack of play opportunities to children in the area caused by heavy traffic and roads, an unsupportive attitude to children’s play from adults and both real and perceived dangers of crime, drugs and predatory adults.
Solihull Young CarersYoung carers are children and young people aged between 5 and 25 years whose lives are affected by caring for a family member or friend. The]is group aims to support them by builing self esteem, enriching their lives, letting them have fun like their peers, making good memories and showing they are not alone.
Colebridge TrustIn Solihull St Basils runs a drop-in project for those at risk of
homelessness. It provides emergency accommodation, and has a supported accommodation scheme housing for young people. The Youth Hub provides housing advice and specialist home options support to single young people aged 16 - 24
Solihull AcademyI work at Solihull Academy (a relatively new free school in Solihull which
aims to give struggling or excluded students a second chance and
‘regain lost time’} and, while we are funded from the
government, the team work hard to raise funds from other sources to
provide the little extras. For example, staff visit supermarkets at
least twice a week under the Fair Share scheme to provide bread, fruit
and sometimes croissants for breakfast.

Our students are challenging and exhausting, but they need to be shown care, belief and direction. A charitable donation from Sing Bentley Heath Choir would be much appreciated and put to great good within the Solihull community.