Two or three years ago a group of ladies from the choir formed a small harmony group. About 12 of us practise weekly. We had our debut performance at the 2019 Spring Sing, with Chattanooga Choo Choo and Mr Sandman. Through lockdown we have carried on meeting on Zoom which, along with Thursday choir sessions, helps us to stay motivated and to feel part of something. Looking on YouTube for different songs to sing along to, I was really envious of the video walls of choirs singing in lockdown – there are some great videos out there.

The solution was a Podd Brothers Virtual Choir Kit whichdoes just what it says on the tin! We practised on zoom and it was daunting when it came to videoing ourselves singing on our own but after many takes, (and getting over our self consciousness,) everyone had a recording. Joan put the video clips together and her son Adam mixed the sound. We are all very happy with how it has turned out and to see and hear ourselves as a group has made us feel like a choir again.

We are keen to share it with you and we hope you enjoy Bev, Jenny, Joan, Barbara, Jackie, Catherine, Jennet, Sue, Judith and Gill – the Tuesday Harmony Group – singing ‘It Had to Be You‘ and ‘You Made Me Love You‘.

Please consider showing your appreciation for the Harmony Group’s lovely rendition of ‘It Had to Be You‘ with a donation to Sing! Bentley Heath’s charity fund which is raising money for the Macular Society and the Alzheimer’s Society. Over the last 12 months of the pandemic, many charities have seen a huge drop in income and an increasing number of people to support. Spare us the price of a cup of coffee and the choir will ensure your donation (less transaction fees) reaches the charities.

Harmony It Had To Be You
Tuesday Harmony Group Sing – It Had To Be You / You Made Me Love You